I'm Justin st. Paul 23 year old from London. Today, we're gonna through my top ten exercises., with your training. It's, really important to concentrate on form and technique. For me, it's about isolating the muscle and getting a full contraction so fully lengthened to fully shorten muscle.

. I'm, a bodybuilder, my interests, aren't in lifting as much weight as possible, but rather contracting the muscle as much as I can to make it grow. So there's no point in coming in here. Picking up the heaviest weight you can and just chucking it around trying to show off trying to say you're lifting heavy weights because you're, never really going to grow.

That way, first up is the preacher curl one of the best exercises for biceps, as you can really isolate the biceps in that movement. There's, no swinging for your shoulders. As long as your upper arm is place it against the pads, then you keep that still and just isolate the bicep so having your arms locked into the pad minimizes any movement that comes from your shoulders or anything else.

So it literally is just your upper arms. You're just hinging at the elbow sort of fully isolating the bicep. next exercise is the deadlift one of, if not the most important exercises you can do in the gym, really good for working the legs and the lower back.

So it's really important to keep your form perfect when performing deadlift. No matter what type of deadlift you're doing technique is always the most important thing if you want to protect your back just keeping your back nice and straight next up is dumbbell press for the chest.

I usually do my pressing movements for chest at a slight incline or a slight decline, so I can get more activation for my chest. I always use dumbbells over barbell, as when you think about your training, your chest.

You want to go from a fully extended pec to a fully shortened when you have a bar. Obviously the movement only goes from there to there, so you can't. Actually, fully shorten your PEC, it's, really important to think about actually tensing and shortening your PEC rather than just pushing forward.

When you train your chest, you need to try and hit it from all angles, so decline positions to flat to incline.. Next up is the shoulder press so again performed with dumbbells. I prefer them once again as it helps you move for the whole full range of motion so fully shortening my delt at the top of the movement bringing the dumbbells together rather than just going straight up.

Building shoulders is really important for a good physique. Having that broad appeal, so dumbbell shoulder press is a perfect exercise to build the delts there's, a lots of different exercises. You can do for shoulders.

Obviously, movements for the front, delt side, delt and rear delts so front. That would be anything in front of you. Side, delt and rear delt would be from that movement. There Next exercise would be dips.

. Dips can be used to target the chest and the triceps we did in the middle today. So it's, a really good compound exercise for the upper body, so you can get moving and work the pecs as well as a triceps.

So dips is a bodyweight exercise, but it can always incorporate a weight with a weight belt or holding dumbbells between your legs. My body weights not really heavy enough to get good resistance when doing dips.

I'd, usually incorporate some sort of weight with this or dumbbells. So next up is the bent over row. So a staple exercise when training the back. You can bent over row in multiple different ways. It depends on the angle at the hips, so how far you bend over the larger the angle at the hips, so the less you bend over the more work you're gonna get in your lats and the more you bend over the more You can target your rear, delts upper traps, middle traps and your rhomboids, your upper back when you do bent over rows, really important to try and keep movement at the hips to a minimum.

So no bouncing! So you don't want that actual workload to come for your legs when by bending and extending the legs or moving at the hips. That should stay perfectly still and the whole movement should come from moving the elbows and drawing the elbows back and try and keep your back as straight as possible.

Next, another back exercise: we're, going to go with the pull downs, so it's, a wide grip pull down, although it's not extremely wide. So I like to do my pull downs just slightly wider than shoulder width grip, because that gets tougher, better isolation for the lats back contraction.

So when doing the pulldown, it's really important that you let your lats stretch at the top and engage as you come down, so really think about that protraction through the shoulders and that's. The best way to engage the lats when doing a pulldown.

, so next exercise is a single arm, dumbbell row so similar to the bent over row, just obviously this time with one arm at a time using a dumbbell really good exercise for back. If done correctly, many people get this exercise wrong.

You need to really lean over and make sure the weight comes all the way through the arm, and you're not again using your hips or your legs bend the knees or anything like that. It's, really important to try and draw your elbow back as far as possible and concentrate on using your lats and the muscles of your back rather than your bicep.

. So up next is the overhead tricep extension, a really important exercise working the triceps. A lot of people neglect overhead movements so that you don't actually activate all of the heads of the tricep it's, always my go-to exercise and training triceps, as well as compound movements like close grip bench and dips.

It's, important the training of triceps, just as much, if not more than your biceps, your triceps up, two thirds of your arm. For me, my biceps always overpowered my triceps, I train my biceps a lot less than I train my triceps And finally, number one exercise will be the squat.

So for me, the king of all exercises the exercise that's. Gon na burn the most calories and obviously build a big, powerful legs. Everyone's gonna squat differently. It depends on limb, length, strengths and weaknesses.

You don't have to go ass to grass as long as you're going for parallel. I mean the lower. You go. The more glute work you're going to get but, as I say, people squat very differently. So just try and get parallel squatting's.

A hard exercise to master, as I say, technique, is really important. So don't chuck on loads of weight and just collapse under the bar. It's, really important that you lower the weight. The bar comes down with you, so you think about pulling with your hamstrings pushing your feet apart, rather than just dropping, underneath the weight and then bouncing back up.

This is my favorite exercise, because I've been working really hard to develop my legs in the past year and a half and squatting helps massively. I do many different types of squats for me. The most important exercise in any training program legs take a long time to develop, but they'll develop faster if you have squats in a training program.

Obviously, the key to getting a good physique isn't just about doing these 10 exercises. These exercises that should be incorporated somewhere into your training program, which is obviously gonna, have an abundance of other exercises and obviously as well.

It's, good nutrition and recovery rates of sleeping and resting, and things like that. So if your nutrition is not in the right place and you're, not going to achieve the physique that you want the main thing to building or developing the physique that you're, after is consistency.

So things aren't going to change in a week, one good meal or one good training session, isn't going to get you where you want to be just and eventually you'll, get there. Okay, guys there's. A few of my favorite exercises.

If you feel differently, if you & # 39, ve got any other exercises you chuck in there. Let us know in the comment section below, and maybe we'll - do another video and once I an address and technique complete with those with those exercises.


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