This is an intense six minute circuit to help you burn fat and get shredded without any equipment, and you don't even have to go to the gym. It's 30 seconds each exercise. 15. Second rest in between it'll work.

Your whole cardiovascular system, getting your heart rate up burning fat as you go, so get ready, starting with regular push-ups in 10 seconds in position. Three two one thirty seconds: push-ups control up control down 10 seconds.

More three, two one and rest 15 seconds. Rest heart rate is already up so deep breaths to get oxygen round the system. Next, an explosive movement jumping squats three two one go: jumping squats explode up then go low, as you can ten seconds.

Three two one and rest 15 seconds now keep that heart rate high with jumping lunges in three two one: jumping lunges thirty seconds top half upright don't. Let the knee hit the ground ten seconds. Three two one rest feeling that heart pumping time to take it up a gear with burpees ready three, two one Anja burpees 30 seconds: you're exploding up then into a push-up 10 seconds.

More three, two one and rest 15 seconds next is leg. Raises so down on your back leg raises three: two one go leg raises don't, let your heels touch the floor on the way down ten more seconds. Three-Two-One now rest for 15.

Next, another tough one mountain climbers in three two one go mountain climbers, 30 seconds. We never said this would be easy, ten seconds, three, two one and rest for 15 seconds. Next last one it's Diamond push-ups.

This is the hand position as you go down. Came three two one go Diamond push-ups on this one. You're working more of the triceps, but that heart rate is still flat out ten seconds and three two one and rest deep breaths and that's.

It. If you can go again, just press replay in the bottom left or if you want to vary it up, click on our full playlist of fat-burning circuits. You can do anywhere for great results subscribe to fit media channel in the bottom left corner of your screen.

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