There's, a struggle behind every achievement, but when a body like this comes from a place like this, when a refugee from war becomes a great champion, it's, a story that can inspire every one of us. You come to a country you don't, know anyone you don't don't have anything.

You start from zero. Every year at fit media channel, we award our body of the year to the emerging fitness star. We're tipping for great things, a proud record of future champions, but none of them overcame the challenges that were faced by our 2020 winner hi.

I'm ali bilal 25 years old from afghanistan living in belgium. So i'm, born in a small village in afghanistan. A really tough situation was war. We were really poor, come from a really poor family, so struggling to find food with his country in ruins.

Ali sets out in search of safety a journey of three years. I was 13 years old when i moved to belgium as a refugee alone. I came through all these countries by foot, like all the refugees, do boat and trucks and stuff, and i got to belgium when i was16 years old, i was in a refugee camp in a city called ghent belgium.

. Of course, i'm, really grateful because it was really hard in the beginning. So you come to a country you don't, know anyone you don't don't have anything to start from zero. The only thing he has is his own body.

I always had a good physique. When i came through all these countries, i had really good condition a good physique, so i thought i have something i can make something out of fitness. The next challenge, how to get to the gym prevented from working all ali has is a small allowance.

I was getting down like seven euros a week and we get a ticket to go to the gym two times a week. So i ask my friends if they can get me a ticket to so i pay like from the seven euros. I pay one euro per ticket to guys you know, and they gave me that ticket.

So i could go seven days a week and i started like this. I saw myself. I thought i have something i can make something out of fitness, so i really work hard from that from day one till till now i'm still working.

It's, like now, 10 years. I always believed in hard work. When i was a child, you know seven, eight years old, i always want to be a bodybuilder. I always want to have muscles and shoulders and these things so it was always a dream and i couldn't wait to grow up so every day i work the same hard as possible.

I just focus on my goals. You know, like i'm one day out from competition. I work that hard every day in these last two years i was with better coaches and more experienced, and so you know body changed.

Of course, when you're with., the right coaches ali is now ready for the big stage that was Arnold Classic.. I won the overall there. I won with five points means like all the judges put me on first place.

That was really winning for me, a winner in life as well as on stage. Of course, i'm, really grateful inspiring for everything dedicated believing in myself, because without that i couldn't make it so far after such an incredible journey.

Fit media channel is proud to declare ali bilal as our body of 2020.. If you start with doesn't matter, what you know you want it so hard you get there. I want to be the best in the world and i will be the best in the world now follow his workouts and bring that dedication to your own training.


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